The Lynx’s Den

Welcome to my home page! This is the place where I keep my writings, the art others have drawn for me, the rarely-updated Mr. Initial Man Show, and so on.


February 23, 2014

Another website redesign, at last getting the results I want. Yay! Still keeping that old counter, though. It's been here since the beginning, it will remain until BoingDragon goes offline.

Also, changing from a mix of XML and SQL to plain XML (except for the Dragonspeak Catalogue. I kinda need a database for that). Let's see how this goes.

You'll notice some of my works are gone—mostly the essays. That's because I didn't think they warranted keeping, much like my old novel Aron's Adventure that was on an early version of my site.

Neither is the Basalt City Chronicles online—yet. It is coming.

Also, some parts of my site, such as the Recordings and the Coding experiments are left out. This is deliberate. I'll get those up and going soon, but for now, this page is functional, and it's going online.

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