The DragonSpeak Search Engine

About The DragonSpeak Search Engine

As of the last update (at least of this site), there are eight hundred DragonSpeak lines—and trying to find which one you want in either the classic DragonSpeak Editor or the DragonSpeak Constructor can be a pain. That's where the DragonSpeak Search Engine comes in.

Each line has been assigned at least one attribute according to what it deals with—some lines deal with floors, some deal with objects, most deal with Furres, and so on. Almost all lines deal with more than one aspect of Furcadia—for example, sixty-five lines deal with floors, a whopping five hundred and fifteen deal with furres, and thirty-three lines deal with both. This is not to say any combination of attributes will return a result—if you want a line dealing with both objects and floors, I'm afraid you're out of luck (although discovering there is no such line can be informative in and of itself).

The attributes have been divided up into sections for easier searching: for example, the Animation section contains all attributes that has to deal with animation. There are so many attributes dealing with Furres that they are divided into three sections: Furres-Appearance (what the furre looks like), Furres-Actions (what the furre is doing), and Furres-General (everything else about the furre).

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Lines concerning the Dream itself
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Furres (General Info)
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