Donnkhai Sa'Dayaver Fateweaver

Character Stats
Base Species refers to the free avatar type that's used for the character.
Weight:10 lbs.
Base Species:Canine
Digo Type:Second Dreaming-Exclusive Avatar


Fateweaver is a title, rather than a family name, and it was the name of an order of powerful shamans. The order no longer truly exists; Donnkhai is the last living member of it.

Donnkhai Sa'Dayaver was born in the Northlands so long ago that his place of birth no longer exists. He trained as the tribal shaman, and, in due time, took on students. Whole generations of his students are now dead, having passed on as a result of age. For some unknown reason, the Gods have blessed Donnkhai with long life, and, even better, health to match.

His powers, like his health, are also at their peak. Add long experience, and he is capable of many an unpleasant surprise for his enemies.

Eventually, he began to wonder if he would ever pass into the AfterLife—or if it was his fate to live forever.

Then, as the world began to change once again, he was blessed by the Primes with an ageless form—the AngelCat.

This character was created on May 26, 2003

Furcadia Description

Once a wolf turned white by centuries of life, Donnkhai was released from his aging body when the Primes blessed him with an ageless new form, which he eventually reverted to his youthful colours. Now freed from his mortal form, the ancient shaman has truly come into his own.