Donnsoren Al'Dayaver Na'Donnkhai

Character Stats
Base Species refers to the free avatar type that's used for the character.
Weight:465 lbs.
Base Species:Canine
Digo Type:Dark Dreaming-Exclusive Avatar


An albino has a hard time surviving, for with it comes several weaknesses. A giant also has a hard time surviving, for he must eat more, and has a hard time hiding while hunting. Donnsoren is both.

Donnsoren was born into the Dayaver tribe, which was led by the shaman Donnkhai. The youngster practically worshipped the old wolf, and Donnkhai began training him in the arcane arts, as well as physically. Under the old wolf's tutelage, Donnsoren grew up with strength and cunning to go with his size, and he became a well-known warrior in the Northlands.

Alas, the Dayaver tribe was taken by an illness that Donnkhai could not combat; he and Donnsoren were the sole survivors. Unable to live on their own, they moved south, into warmer, kinder lands.

Since then, Donnsoren continued to learn from Donnkhai, living with the ancient shaman, and often acting as his protector.

His role as Donnkhai's protector ended when Donnkhai was transformed into an Angelcat. Eventually, the Primes would smile on Donnsoren himself, turning him into the fearsome DireHound.

Note: "Al'", which indicates a tribe, does not exist in the Furcadian Lexicon.

This character was created on May 25, 2003

Furcadia Description

Big bones and hard muscles build this 8' monster of an albino wolf. His eyes, voice and expression are sardonic and hardened by more than 30 years of life. He can't buy clothes that fit, so he must make his own and go barepawed. By his side is a battered, much-sharpened sword, about his neck is an amulet: his only memento of his tribe. His sleeveless vest is open, showing the shaggy fur of a northerner. his ragged trousers reach only to his knees, and his tattered cape reaches the ground.