Hector Heart-Of-Fire Leos

Character Stats
Base Species refers to the free avatar type that's used for the character.
Weight:200 lbs.
Base Species:Feline


Hector was the son of priviledge. Born to wealthy parents, he was not the kind to sit around in upper-class ease. Instead, he got himself into wrestling, becoming a terror in the ring.

Realizing their son was growing up without him, his parents decided to take a more active hand in his raising, something that improved their health, due to less stress than the cocktail circuit. Hector revelled in the new attention, and set out to do his parents proud.

When he turned 16, an outing turned terrifying when he got lost, and had to survive in a mountain wilderness for more than a month during winter. When he returned, he'd profoundly changed. He'd become an atavist. Unable to deal with this new development, his parents turned to Hector's more traditional relatives for help. To keep his atavist side content, Hector turned to no-holds-barred fighting, a sport he'd always loved.

This character was created on November 20, 2005

Furcadia Description

You see a strongly-built cougar with a scarred-up face. His red vest is opened, shamelessly baring his equally-scarred, muscular chest, and he wears a pair of tattered trousers and boots that come halfway up his shins. His gait warns of someone who's particularly tough, and he is: Even so young, he's a professional fighter, and even knows what it is to fight for his life.