Kandrew Raedd

Character Stats
Base Species refers to the free avatar type that's used for the character.
Weight:179 lbs.
Base Species:Sciurine/Mephit


The first thing that people notice about Kandrew Raedd is the color red. His clothes, headfur, and markings are all red, so red that they cannot be anything but dyed that color.

While few like his choice of clothing, nobody can do anything about it... or about Kandrew himself, who can be just as loud as his outfit. He enjoys getting a reaction out of people, which is his reason for acting the way he does.

Kandrew grew up amongst 5 brothers and 2 sisters. His fascination with red actually grew out of sheer frustration. His grandfather continually referred to him by the wrong name. His parents tried to sooth him by saying that he couldn't really blame the old man. Sick of being mistaken, Kandrew decided to take drastic action.

When his Grandfather came to visit again, Kandrew appeared, with his headfur and white markings dyed a brilliant red. His grandfather was deeply shocked - to say nothing of the rest of the family. Kandrew then told his parents that the old skunk no longer had an excuse to call him by the wrong name.

This did not endear him to his parents — or his grandfather — but, much to everyone's dismay, it DID give his brothers ideas, and the next day, every single youngster was color coded.

Kandrew quickly discovered he liked the effect, especially with clothes of the same color, and thus he has kept to the color red ever since.

This character was created on Nov. 5, 2004

Furcadia Description

You see a skunk, dressed in red, with his white markings and headfur dyed red. Clearly, he likes the color. It makes him stand out, yes indeed. Some don't like his taste in loud clothing, but he just mocks them for "seeing red"