Character Stats
Base Species refers to the free avatar type that's used for the character.
Weight:220 lbs.
Species:House Cat
Base Species:Feline


Young, and often in trouble, Kysor's been the headache of many a fur, not least old Donnkhai Fateweaver, who was his tutor. He is attracted to trouble, and is only too eager to toss himself into the nearest mayhem.

His continued existence is, to many, proof of the existense of dieties.

Despite his brash and reckless ways, Kysor did manage to make good his training by the elderly Donnkhai. He is capable of some shamanic magics, though he seldom uses them.

I'm not sure when I created this character.

Furcadia Description

A medium-brown cat. He looks like the kind of cat that would be quiet, and peaceful. But if you look closer, his arms are quite strong, and his chest and legs are well developed. He actually enjoys a good fight, and seldom backs down from a paw-to-paw brawl.