Wildwind Dandinson

Character Stats
Base Species refers to the free avatar type that's used for the character.
Weight:98 lbs.
Base Species:Rodent
Digo Type:Winged


Mice are nice, genteel, and virtuous creatures. They are pious, well-behaved, and demure creatures, who never think of doing anything scandalous. The greatest paragon of virtue and sweetness is Wildwind Dandinson, a mouse so pure of soul, even his fur is white.

I also have a bridge for sale.

Wildwind, in fact, revels in naughtiness, frequenting places where nice people never go. He lost his virginity LONG ago, and indeed boasts that he doesn't even know to whom he lost it, or when it happened.

Wildwind was born into quite a wild family, and he's followed their example eagerly.

Many have suggested Wildwind should change his ways, and many more have denounced him as a sinner. The latter, he gets the biggest laugh out of, and he often tells them that he is nothing more than Brave Saint Scandal's champion against the oppressive Dame Virtue.

To him, there is little that is funnier than the faces of the would-be preachers as they try to puzzle that out.

This character was created on Jun. 29, 2003

Furcadia Description

A bundle of fun-loving energy, the 5'0", 98 lb. mouse is quite a handful. Easy to befriend, he is far from malicious. However, he often says he is not a poor, sad sinner: he's a very happy one, thank you.