Zerothus Achronasius IV

Character Stats
Base Species refers to the free avatar type that's used for the character.
Weight:137 lbs.
Base Species:Musteline


Zerothus was born into a very rich family. His parents were socialites, to the point where he hardly knows them, and they know him even less.

He left home at age 16, sick of trying to gain his oblivous parents' attention and affection. He found work in a warehouse, and it was here he found the friends he'd longed for. Working with his muscles was indeed something new to him, but he took to it well.

Another thing the older workers at the warehouse did for him was teach him to stay out of trouble, as he had learned nothing of values from his parents.

But growing up on his own had left him with a bit of a wild streak, so he still gets into situations that are less than stellar. Through audaciousness, quick thinking, and sheer luck, though, he's managed to stay out of SERIOUS trouble.

So far.

I'm not sure when I created this character.

Furcadia Description

At his age, he enjoys being a bit wild, and getting into trouble.