Seeing Ceiling: Precomic Warmup

January 15, 2012


Comic Text

My name is not JD Krowfight, and I am not a professional wrestler. I've never pinned anyone, never gone off the top rope, never even done a job.


My name is John-David, and I am in training to enter the squared circle as a pro wrestler. I am being trained by a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, and I have seen a wrestling ring from the inside. -BREEPBREEPBREEP-

...and someone's BSometer is apparently set to disbelieve everything >:-/

Comic Notes

I've always wanted to do a webcomic, but was never sure about what. When I started training on January 4, 2012, I thought it might be fun to do one from the perspective of a trainee and (hopefully later) someone who was actually a pro wrestler.

Now, compare the date I said I started training to the date this comic was drawn. Yep, I'm writing this as I go. It's not a memoir so much as it is a diary—a diary you are welcome to read.

Just one warning: I'm a horrible, horrible artist.