Seeing Ceiling: Training Woes

January 15, 2012


Comic Text

Panel Three

Please tell me I'm not the first to—

You're not.

Comic Notes

True story: I did throw up during my second day of actual training. After exercises and practing falls, I felt really queasy and my trainer clearly knew I was trying to keep breakfast down. He ordered me out of the ring and into the bathroom, whereupon I didn't have to keep holding it in...

It was never explicitly said, but I got the feeling that I was hardly the first student to toss his cookies during training. I wasn't even the only one for this session; Ireland* puked even worse on his first day of training! X-p

*(I'm using nicknames because I don't have anyone's permission to depict them in this comic)

Oh, and in the first panel, I'm trying to do pushups.