Ryan Rottshep

FBA 2013 Draft Candidate

Art by Asterion Blazing

A happy-go-lucky farmboy with big dreams, Ryan was a reliable worker—though not quite stand-out—on the Bruce Churchill High School (Airdrie) basketball team. He didn't play well enough to earn a scholarship, but still studied computers at Calgary Technical Institute to get on the basketball team. There, he gained a liking for weed and a reputation for being a solid, reliable player, whether he was completely sober or stoned out of his mind.

His comparitively short height made him an excellent guard on the court and while his field goals made was nothing to write home about and his three-pointer shots were only somewhat above average, his steals were worth talking about and he was very good with assists, often making more of those than field goal attempts.

He has also practiced his jumping blocks, allowing him a better block than his height might suggest.

His lack of attitude make some people like him, others accuse him of not taking basketball seriously. And when he's high, he's been known to make some strange decisions, like thinking he can set a pick against the opposing center. It worked mostly because the center never dreamed Ryan wasn't going to get out of the way...

Created for the FBA 2013 draft, Ryan Rottshep's looks and friendly pothead demeanor were based on a real and much-loved dog: Randy Rottshep, a rottweiler/shepherd cross I owned from around 1998 until 2012.

Oh, and Bruce Churchill is based on the high school I went to: Bert Church.

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