Steel Chair

The Wrasslin' Lynx with a steel chair!

Art by Cobo

Steel chairs are marvelous things. They are so very versatile: You can nail someone in the head, back, legs with the flat, you can use the edge to poke them in the belly, jab them in the back, knee, whatever, use its folding properties to rearrange ankles, knees, elbows...

Heck, you can even SIT in them! Fancy that!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a conchairto to perform on someone else's skull.

You'll notice I'm not wearing my glasses in this pic. This is not a mistake. If I'm holding a chair like that, I'm about to get into a match, and my glasses would be broken in no time, and I don't earn enough to replace them after every fight.

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