Offering Comfort

Jack offers Silver Wolf some comfort.

Drawn for Silver Wolf Entertainment

Wish that I was there

Waiting in your storm

So you could see me through the rain

That I could take you where it's warm

It's plain old friendship that I offer

A comforter's gentle touch

There comes a time when one reaches out

To those that hurt too much

Not romantic love I offer

But a friendship's warmth

When you call out in your heart's pain

I want to be waiting in your storm

It's rare that I draw. Let me rephrase that; it's really rare that I draw. In all my 10 years of being a furry, this is the only the second image I drew that's appeared online. I don't write poetry all that often, either.

This is for the artist SilverWolfEntertainment, who was going through a really rough patch. So I drew him a picture that shows me (the lynx on the right), putting a paw on his shoulder.

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