His New Charge

Randy Rottshep (1998?-2012) greeting my sister's daughter for the first time.

Art by Grey Kitty

Around 2005, Randy got a new responsibility: A girl joined his owner's family. Here, he meets that girl. For 7 years, he greeted, played with, and watched over my niece whenever she came out to the farm.

But one day, he got a more important summons and he had to leave.

Goodbye, Randy.

This was drawn from a photograph of Randy greeting my niece for the first time. When I learned GreyKitty was doing realistic pictures of pets, I commissioned her to redraw the photograph as a full scene and gave prints of it to my family that Christmas.

Sadly, Randy Rottshep was diagnosed with cancer and put to sleep on July 14, 2012.

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