Ryramorl Ra'yral

An old Star Trek character of mine

Art by Wolfie Fox

Lieutenant Ryramorl Ra'yral is a character I played in a Star Trek play-by-email (PBEM) roleplaying game. Ryramorl—Roar for short—is a lynx-like alien known as a Feloid Carnora. He is mated, has two cubs (so far), and is very strongly devoted to his family, to the point of sometimes riling his Commanding Officer.

Ryramorl can be a handful at the best of times, and impossible at worst. He's decked a superior officer, broken every spaceflight law in the Federation (and beyond), and is well known for using excessive force on prisoners.

But, all that aside, he's a good fellow to have at your side when things get ugly, as Ryramorl is an expert on dealing with ugly.

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