Last Day Of Class

I made it!  I completed the course at Storm Wrestling Academy!

Well, I didn't complete the Storm Wrestling Academy course as I would have liked—that is, hearing Lance Storm saying I was ready to wrestle—but I did train as a referee after admitting I wasn't going to be any kind of wrestler and I saw the course through to the end.

From left to right we have: Aiden (in black jacket), Travis (red shirt; I have no idea what's with his eye), Steve, Jack Jameson (his ring name), Lance Storm, me, and Aerick. Not shown is Kenny Stryker (again, ring name; he was taking the picture) and Andrew (who had arthritis! Lance was not pleased when he found out, and talked Andrew into leaving the class a few days into it.)

And yes, Lance is flipping the lot of us off. I think it was Steve who asked for that.

The official class photo (which I don't have on my website because I don't have permission) is the January 2012 photograph. That would be the last picture of me with my sideburns, I shaved them off about two months later.

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