The Ref Needs Glasses!

My debut as a referee.
April 13, 2013
Eston, Saskatchewan, Canada
Azrael vs. Chris Steele
Yours truly.

This was the second of two matches I reffed in the Eston Show, which was my debut as a referee. I was very honoured to be reffing the penultimate match of the evening (and am honestly glad they left the main event in the hands of a veteran ref) and am very grateful to six wrestlers (my earlier match was a tag match) who helped a newbie ref through their respective matches.

And yes, I really did wear my glasses in the ring; I admitted my eyesight was very poor and I am uncomfortable about putting anything in my eyes (like contact lenses). The glasses I wore are of an old style that stay on very well and I have a string attached to them so even if they are knocked off (which they never have been), they don't go far.

Besides, there's just something funny about a referee really needing glasses.

By the way, before you ask, neither of them won. That's what you get when you shove the ref on his ass. >:-(

Photo taken by Diamond Don Perry

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