Lil' Buddy Bryce

Lil' Buddy Bryce, the manager of popular wrestler DJ Pawsome

Rabbit DJ Pawsome was a popular babyface wrestler for the Cruiserweight Championship Wrestling Federation, the show for the Wild Side Wrestling Federation's cruiserweight division. And, for about six months in 2012, he had the cutest manager in all pro wrestling: ten-year-old pika/rabbit cross Lil' Buddy Bryce, shown here.

Bryce's debut came out of nowhere. When DJ's music hit, the pikabun bounced through the entrance doing a front flip, then gestured grandly towards the entrace through which DJ Pawsome entered. The two came down the ramp, Bryce celebrating DJ's arrival all the way. The crowd's reaction to Bryce was best summed up by the comment of one fan caught on camera: Oh my God, he's adorable.

For the next six months, Bryce would lead DJ down to the ring, pumping up the crowd and letting them know how awesome it was that DJ had come here. Unlike most managers, though, he never got involved in a match, usually sitting with the announce team.

Such was his popularity that he had a role in one of the WSWF's annual films (for 2012, it was Mayhem at Maystone Mall).

He had a close call, though, during a Falls-Count-Anywhere 6-fur tag team match, where the tables of the announce team got destroyed (forcing him to bolt), and ringside got so chaotic fans lifted him over the guardrail to sit with them and called security to get him out of there. This did nothing to sully his reputation, as fans knew that the youngster had no business getting involved, and he was cheered just as loudly for his next appearance.

The good times would not last. When Bryce turned eleven, heel tag team champions The Lapus Brothers (Gary and Brian) allowed Bryce to pull a piece of paper from a hat to find out what birthday gift he'd get from them. They read a few of the gifts, like a new video game system, or a new bike, or a life-time pass to a popular arcade.

The excited pikabun pulled a piece of paper, and Gary announced Bryce's "gift": A ten-year suspension from the CCWF. Bryce was crushed, the crowd screamed their loathing for the Lapus Brothers, and DJ Pawsome swore vengeance, resulting in a long, bitter feud between DJ and the Lapus Brothers.

By the time Lil' Buddy Bryce's suspension was over, his career was little more than a footnote.

Dylan "DJ Pawsome" Peddlar was actually "Lil' Buddy" Bryce Peddlar's older half-brother (though this family tie was never mentioned) and legal guardian. Bryce longed to be a pro wrestler like Dylan, whom he admired and adored.

Swayed by the little pikabun's pleading, Dylan had gotten WSWF owner Dreysanius Acrutar's permission to have Bryce in his corner for one show, and Drey thought Bryce would be considered a cute diversion, but just a one-off character. The bear never dreamed Bryce would be the hit he was, and when DJ showed up afterwards without Bryce, the crowd chanted WHERE'S YOUR BUDDY?, revealing that henceforth, Bryce was expected to be at DJ's side.

Dreysanius laid down some hard and fast rules for Bryce: He was to be OUT of the ring before the bell sounded, he was not to get involved in the match in any way, and if the wrestlers ended outside of the ring, Bryce was to stay away from the action. It was, after all, for the youngster's own safety.

Bryce followed these rules, knowing full well if he didn't he'd be dismissed. For the next six months, Bryce became a popular wrestling personality in the WSWF.

But during the 6-fur match, Bryce rapidly found himself with nowhere to go as the wrestlers brawled here, there, and everywhere, and was actually relieved to get away from ringside.

At the next board meeting, Dreysanius was told in no uncertain terms that as far as the legal department was concerned, Bryce's presence was an insurance and legal nightmare. The kid had to go.

Brian Lapus came up with the idea of the cruel birthday present: Bryce would be out of the CCWF, it would be an excellent set-up for a feud, and the Lapus Brothers (who'd been gaining the adoration of the crowd, not good for heels) would be revealed as the irredeemable jackholes they played.

With this angle set, WSWF trainer and wrestling star Clybourne Concolores had a sit-down with Bryce and explained to him what would happen and why. Bryce was unhappy but Clybourne was insistent that this was indeed for his own good. Yes, Bryce had followed the rules, but it had still proven too dangerous for Bryce to be at ringside. He was adamant Bryce wasn't being kicked out, only put on hold for a few years. The meeting between the two ended with Clybourne giving the pikabun a hug and a headpat.

Clybourne did not tell Bryce that some wrestlers found him problematic in the locker room as well--there were oh, so many topics (like drugs, sex lives, and other crazy adventures) that the wrestlers wanted to yack about, but had to keep quiet due to little ears.

Bryce played the part of the crushed youngling well; to mitigate the blow, his real birthday present from Gary and Brian Lapus was indeed a mountain bike.

The length of the suspension was quite deliberate--Lil' Buddy Bryce would be largely forgotten, which meant Bryce, who would be 21 when the suspension was over, could enter the ring as a wrestler in his own right without the baggage of his former super-cute gimmick.

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