Dukin' It Out

Enough said.

Art by Griffith Brookgreen

In the Wild Side Wrestling Federation, no feud lasted longer, was more intense, was more enjoyed by the fans, or was more genuine than the long-running war between Griffith Jackass Breakridge and Tarayn Train Wreck Beers.

The two shared something special that made their feud unlike any others. As Griffith would put it later, We've got chemistry. 's... somethin' special. Like true love ...except instead of a lifelong bond of devotion and togetherness, 's one of hatred and destruction that only continues because both of us're too damn stubborn ta die. This feud would make, sustain, and define their careers (and ultimately end Tarayn's).

Drey kept this feud going by keeping them away from each other for months at a time before allowing them to brawl once again. That way, the fans never got tired of the feud, and Tarayn and Griffith didn't burn each other out.

Gimmick matches, whether barbed wire, hardcore, cage, hell in a cell, or otherwise, also heightened their hatred. One of the best matches of all time was what was officially known as a Pinfall-Only Cage MatchM, but became known as the Torture Chamber match. This match was held in a cage and winnable by pinfall only. The fans watched a match lasting nearly half an hour in which neither wrestler had much interest in pinning each other, but were intent on torturing each other with submission holds, from which a tapout was no escape. Tarayn won, after Griffith passed out in a hold.

Here, they have a regular match; even these turned into marathon thrashings loved by one and all. Tarayn's in the corner, but he has Griffith by the throat. Who will win? They don't care... as long as the other comes out the worse.

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