Jack Daniels vs. PrettyBoi Wolf

Asskickin' Time!

Art by Woven-Chimera

PrettyBoi Wolf is pretty much the punching bag of the Wild Side Wrestling Federation's champions. The hottest-looking wrestler in the WSWF only ever held the Television Belt, considered the lowest-ranking of all the belts, and when he loses it (which is often), it is a sign that whoever he loses it to is receiving a push. When he faces off against the higher-ranked wrestlers, his belt is seldom on the line—they've held it before, they don't need to hold it again (and quite often, they already have one that outranks it).

Here, as punishment for too many remarks about the shape Jack Daniels Krowfight is in (mostly about the lynx's gut) PBW finds himself in a hardcore match with the infamous Jack Daniels Krowfight.

Here, Jack's about to test the Face-to-Ringpost hardness ratio, using Prettyboi's muzzle as a sample.

Behind the scenes, PrettyBoi Wolf is a highly-respected jobber. While he has never held a higher-ranked belt than the TV title, he holds a few more impressive records.

Two such records are the longest cumulative reign of any single belt and the most times that belt has been held. WSWF rules state that a wrestler cannot hold two championship belts at the same time, so whenever the current holder wins a higher championship, the TV title is vacated, and PrettyBoi inevitably wins the belt back, which ultimately causes him to hold that belt for the better part of his career.

Another record is the most Pay-Per-View matches—only Dreysanius Acrutar himself has been in more PPVs, and he's not a wrestler. PrettyBoi Wolf, in his entire career, only missed four, and he was with the WSWF for almost 25 years.

He is also the only wrestler who is in every WSWF film produced during his career (and these are biännual).

Woven-Chimera drew this picture of Jack in action for me. This picture also inspired the creation of PrettyBoi Wolf, a perennial loser who gained his own honorable reputation.

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