The Fursuit Massacration

Rated Parental Guidance

The Fursuit Massacration was a punk band started at a furry party in 2000. As founding member KLionFang (real name witheld by request) remembers, We were at this party, and Zomigosh, who was hosting it, brought out his guitar and started playing it in his suit. Well, I asked if I could borrow his bass, and he said yeah, so I did and we were jamming. Then Baran started banging on a table in time and SandMew started trying to play the keyboard. We sounded like shit 'cause we were all in suit, but we had a lot of fun.

They performed at a few other parties as well, allowing other suited partygoers to join in as they pleased. KLionFang claims they started bringing a "guestbook" at the fourth party they played, and members from the first, second, and third signed it.

In early 2001, KLionFang, Zomigosh and Baran approached the newly-opened Queen Henry Underground Club and asked if they could play a gig there. The club owner, piqued by the idea of mascot punk rockers, agreed. The trio's first show was greeted enthusiastically and they became a regular act, with friends dropping by to join in whenever they played (they maintained the guestbook).

All in all, over thirty fursuiters took part in the Fursuit Massacration. KLionFang remembers two in particular. We had a couple kids—barely old enough to go into a bar—say they wanted to join, and I said that having a fursuit was kind of the point, and they didn't have one. Well, one got a paper fox mask from a costume shop, and put this tail-shaped squeaky toy through his belt, and the other made a mouse's face using a paper bag and some construction paper and put a rope through his belt. Well... how can you say no to something like that? The band didn't, and Squeaktail Fox and Baghead Mouse joined on trumpet and saxophone respectively.

It was only a matter of time that someone filled in for one of the original trio when Zomigosh had an exam. Shortly after that, there were shows where none of the original trio showed, and the club simply payed whoever showed up. We had one time where we had three guitarists, two bassists, and no drummer, recalls KLionFang, And the next show we had four drummers, no bassists, and no guitars. If Baghead and Squeaktail hadn't shown up, it would have been an awkward show.

But by then the chaotic lineup had become a running joke; not only did it change from show to show, it sometimes changed from set to set. After one Hallowe'en party at the club, the band members realized that noöne who had played in the first set had played in the last. We also took a look at the guestbook after we broke up and discovered that in a time span of about a year and a half, no two shows had the same line up. I'm serious; sometimes it would be the same lineup from one week to the next, sometimes nobody from the previous week would be there, and it might be months before you saw them all again. Totally unpredictable, but the management was cool with that—so long as somebody showed up.

The breakup occurred in August 2004 when the Queen Henry announced that it was about to close. On the last night, every member of the Fursuit Massacration showed up, making sure they got in at least one song. KLionFang, Zomigosh, Baran, and SandMew closed out the final set.

The Fursuit Massacration didn't completely die, members who happen to be at the same convention still do "reunions", and have timed it on at least one occasion so that two lineups were playing at the same time at different conventions.