Meeting Erin Topping

Rated Parental Guidance

Erin Topping was working on her comic, when suddenly she heard a loud crash, followed with a groan.

She ran into her kitchen, tail poofed to the max, to see a large lynx lying in a pile of rubble that had been a large portion of the cieling. She took a closer look to see who it was.

It was none other than Jack Daniels Krowfight, more commonly known as Mr. Initial Man, The Wrasslin' Lynx. Mr. Initial Man got painfully to his feet. "Damn, I feel like I've been powerbombed through a concrete block," he groaned.

"Yeah, and you look it too," she said, helping him up. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Thought I'd DROP in for a visit," he grinned.

Erin rolled her eyes at the bad joke.

"Hey, mind if I take a look at your studio?," asked Jack.

"Um... Okay..." she showed him the comic she had in progress. "Say, you wanna drink?"

"Sure. Water, please."

"All right." Erin went to get some water, as the Wrasslin' Lynx looked at the drawing board.

When Erin returned, she saw Mr. Initial Man drawing at her desk. She slipped back to the kitchen.

Mr. Initial Man was just beginning to wonder where she was when blackness hit him with a loud CLONNNNNNG!

It took both Mike and Erin to haul the big cat out the door. "I know one guy who needs to go on a diet," grunted Erin. They dumped him out on the street, and went back inside.

"That'll teach him to mess with my comic," growled Erin.

"Yeah," said Mike. "But just how are you gonna get that dent outta the frying pan?"