Rainy Day Exercises

Rated Parental Guidance

It was a rainy day, which Jack Daniels didn't mind. Since the Furry Carnage Wrestling Federation wasn't meeting today, it was a chance to catch up on his reading, as well as get some exercise in. He worked out for a while, singing to himself, thinking of which moves to practice. He had a body-shaped beanbag, and was practicing his pins when there was a knock at the door. Now who was it in this perfectly miserable weather, the lynx wondered. He looked through the peephole, and saw a black cat. "Gene Catlow?" he wondered, opening the door.

"Please," the cat in the lab coat said, "I know you are a backyard wrestler and all, but do not be so quick to show your hopeless mental feebleness."

It sure wasn't Gene Catlow, that was for sure. "Okay, who are you?" he asked, tripping over a cringing bird, a dodo (in more ways than one).

The cat pushed up his goggles, and handed Jack a business card. It read, "Doktor Catlove, super genius and mad scientist."

"DOKTOR CATLOVE?" yowled Jack. "What the hell are /you/ doing here, you freak?"

"Don't hate me because I'm brilliant," Catlove chided.

Jack looked at the business card. "Can I laugh because you can't spell 'doctor' right?"

Catlove shouted to Dodomodo, "Servant! Chastise this ignorant wretch for his wilful discourtesy."

Dodomodo bowed. "Yes, master," he gushed, and came at Jack.

A few seconds later, Jack looked out the newly shattered window. "You're paying for that, Birdbrain!"

Doktor Catlove was watching in growing anger. Then Jack Daniels turned to him. "You're turn!" he growled, and went for the evil doctor.

Doktor Catlove tried to back away, but tripped over one of Jack's barbells, and fell flat on his tail.

Jack Daniels wasted no time, but dove at Doktor Catlove, his arms going between his legs, and coming around to hook them, one leg in each arm.

Jack did a somersault onto Catlove's chest, bringing the cat's legs up behind him. "The Steamroller Pin," grinned Jack. "My specialty."

Doktor Catlove struggled, but he was stuck. Jack grinned. "Now, are you gonna leave me alone, or do I get to toss out my beanbag, and practice on a REAL dummy?"

"How dare you?!" shouted Catlove.

Jack let him go. "Get out of here, fancypants," he growled, hauling Catlove to his feet, and shoving him towards the door. "Bug me again, and your tail won't be attached to your butt, it'll be UP it!"

At the threshold, Catlove turned to ream the lynx out, but Jack shoved a small wad of paper into Catlove's mouth. "You forgot your business card," he snapped, and slammed the door.

Catlove checked to make sure that his nose was still intact, then found Dodomodo. "Get up, servant! We have planning to do!"

Dodomodo nodded. "Yes master."

And thus, with kinks in his spine, and malice in his heart, Doktor Catlove left for his laboratory, to plot his revenge.