Tale 3: Pike!

Rated Parental Guidance

Main Character(s):

Dad took the family on a camping trip to the new cove. We took the Wind's Cry. Shtaragk bet me that I couldn't steer the ship. Stupid me, I tried, and couldn't do it.

Just because he's so big, the showoff. We got to the cove, and Dad set up camp where he first landed. I asked Dad if I could explore the river, and he let me take one of the rowboats.

I was rowing, when suddenly, I hit a rock. The boat flipped over, and I was in the stream! I was so mad! I started swimming for the shore, when I saw a big pike in the water.

I swam for shore, but that stupid thing was right behind me! It was nipping at my tail when I touched the other side. I scrambled up, but it jumped out, still trying to eat me.I grabbed a rock, and bashed its skull in. I got the rest of the way up the side.

The fish was just floating down the stream. Downstream, there was a shallow spot, so I ran down and waited. The fish finally came, and I hauled it out of the stream. But I could hardly lift it.

I was sitting there, when Dad showed up. "Glad to see you in one piece. The boat came floating back to the campsite, and I was wondering what happened to you." I showed him the pike, and he carried it back to the campsite.

We had it for supper. Neat feeling, eating something that tried to eat you.