The Lynx’s Den: About Me

John-David Kraaikamp

John-David Kraaikamp

So, you want to know about the real Mr. Initial Man.

My real name is John-David Kraaikamp. I'm a multi-instrumental musician, Merkur enthusiast, writer, roleplayer, furry, website coder, and pro wrestling referee and manager. In chronological order. I was born in 1980, but not really a child of the '80s, since my parents had no use for television. To this day, I'm grateful.

I got into Furry when I was about 5 years old when I read a series of books called "Fern Hollow." I don't know if they're in print anymore. My interest became far more serious when I discovered the Redwall Online Community on the Internet. I began role-playing, and eventually ran my own club (KinDraco Fortress, which no longer exists). It was at another ROC club (namely, Sampetra: Imperial Navy Serving Ublaz) that I was dubbed Mr. Initial Man by Luke Hanson in 2000. (Has it really been 14 years?! My, my.)

The name Mr. Initial Man took on his own identity at the Lofty Bearing Forums, where I gave him the species of Lynx, and later, his own "real" name, mostly based on jokes on my own name.

I've enjoyed writing since I was in grade school, and now am working on my own stories. I hope to be published one day.

As for website design, I've done a couple of websites (namely this one and the website for the Coach Random Webcomic.

Drawing? Forget about it! I'd like to draw, but I'm a crappy artist. Don't let that keep you from drawing me, though. ;)