The Lynx’s Den: Furcadia

Furcadia is an online graphical roleplaying game, which is set in a mythical world of furries. The species in this world are lapines (rabbits and hares), equines (horses, donkeys, zebras, etc.), canines, felines, rodents, mephits/squirrels (mephits are skunks and so on), and mustilines (weasels).

I've been playing Furcadia for quite some time, and I've accumulated quite a number of characters. In fact, I have or have had at least one char of each species offered for free (except Bugges. Those things are ugly).

I have also done a few Dreams for Furcadia: The Puzzle Palace (which needs a rework), Puzzle Quest (still under construction), and the Knight's Tours

The one project I consider the most important is the Cross-Referenced Catalogue of DragonSpeak Lines. You can learn more about it in the DragonSpeak section.