The Lynx’s Den: Furcadia


DragonSpeak—DS for short—is the scripting language used in Furcadia Dreamweaving, and no dream can function at all without it. I've done a few projects with DS. Some are general experiments and methods of DragonSpeak coding that I have discovered, and one is basically a DragonSpeak search engine.

Finding A DragonSpeak Line

As of 2014, there are over 800 DragonSpeak commands, and finding them in either editor can be difficult. To help with this, I created a program that allowed the writer in question to enter certain criteria they wanted a line to meet, and they'd get a list of lines that would meet that criteria (or, at the least, find out whether or not such a line existed)

The DragonSpeak Search Engine

This works sort of like a traditional search engine, except you select from a list of predefined search terms instead of typing them in. While it does require you to load a new page to get the results, this does not require JavaScript to run. That's not to say it doesn't have some JavaScript to for the sake of convenience; it just means the page works fine without it.

The Cross-Referenced Catalogue Of DragonSpeak Lines

This is actually the original concept, and has the advantage of updating as soon as you select or deselect a search term. The disadvantage is that it actually needs JavaScript to run.

DragonSpeak Parameters

Originally part of the DragonSpeak Catalogue, these were split off into their own page to save on bandwidth, and so that they could be opened in individual tabs.