The Lynx’s Den: Furcadia


Dreamweaving is both craft and art—though I'm more into the craft part of it, as evidenced by my Dragonspeak Catalogue. I'm not very creative myself, so most of these dreams are either experiments or steal from other dreams without shame.

The Knight's Tours

The Knight's Tour dream grew out of a testing dream for a puzzle for both Puzzle Palace and Puzzle Quest—specifically, The Knight's Tour, which was used as a maze is both dreams. I then took the DragonSpeak and tried to see how far I could expand its workings (answer: as big as the dream map would allow).

As a lark, I created a dream that had chessboards ranging in various sizes—most square—and loaded it onto the Challenges Overdream. How popular it was I don't know, but it did give me ideas for resetting various puzzles in Puzzle Palace and Puzzle Quest, as well as working as a proof-of-concept for certain ways of coding puzzle solutions in its own right.

There are 13 boards in this dream, ranging from 1×1 (a joke board) to 15×15.


The Puzzle Palace

This dream is many things: An homage to one of my favorite dreams of all: Tricks for Treats by Graphite, a chance to try my own dreamweaving, and an attempt to see what could be done with a free dream (answer: plenty).

This has gone through several incarnations, and awaits yet another rework to bring it up to what can be done with dreamweaving today.

Puzzle Quest

Originally a rework of The Puzzle Palace, Puzzle Quest became its own spinoff after several Furres asked me to keep the old palace as it was. Unlike the Puzzle Palace, which can be completed in whatever order the player likes, this actually requires some puzzles to be completed before others. It is, after all, a quest.