The Lynx’s Den: The Gallery

The Acrutar Family

The extended family of Dreysanius Acrutar, CEO and majority shareholder of Acrutar Entertainment and the owner of Wild Side Wrestling Entertainment.

From Old Country

A friendly moment between the two Big Bad Bears

Commision by Silver Wolf Entertainment

Half A Man

Diss Dreysanius's strength and... things happen.

Commision by DJ Laughlin

Helpless Cripple

I've got yer poor differently-abled furson RIGHT HERE!

Gift from Chris Browning


Dreysanius Acrutar and Josef Alreya. This was a membership perk I got for joining the Furocity Gym.

Drawn for the by MuscleWolf

Katrina's Big Mouth Meets Sonya's Big Fist

An attention whore like Katrina Alreya really should have reconsidered smearing Sonya's husband.

Commision by Silent Ravyn

The Last Beer

Dreysanius Acrutar and Josef Alreya fight for the last beer.

Commision by Rocko Gorilla

Pumping It!

Dreysanius working out

Commision by Silver Wolf Entertainment

The Reading Lesson / Урок чтения

Josef testing Kenter

Commision by Christaphorac

So Proud Of You

Dreysanius congratulates Kenter on winning his first wrestling championship

Commision by HollyAnn


Sonya training Kenter

Commision by J. Doucet