The Lynx’s Den: The Gallery

Basalt City

These are pictures of characters from my Basalt City Chronicles series.

Daniel Clydesdale

The bad boy of the Clydesdale Family

Commision by Gene Catlow

Getting Branded

Daniel Clydesdale gets marked for life.

Commision by Rabbi Tom

In His House, I Am Grandpa

Theodore Clydesdale greeting his grandkids.

Gift from Gene Catlow

Lorec's Fight (Part 1)

Please don't make me fight...

Commision by Rabbi Tom

Lorec's Fight (Part 2)

I didn't want to fight!

Commision by Rabbi Tom

Styral Beers

The most badass white tiger in Aldous Lynxen High School

Gift from CrocDragon 89

Zaykar Kh'Naral XXIV

Emperor of the Smilodon Star Empire

Commision by Shuri