The Lynx’s Den: The Gallery

Here are pictures of my characters within the Furry Basketball Association.

Doug Dramson

The Big Bad Wolverine of the Winnipeg Voyageurs

Drawn for the by Rosenthal

I Did All That Years Ago

Bryn Mastiffson, formerly of the Rocky Mountain Royals, remembers his past.

Commision by D. Chestnut

Interview With A Barnstormer

T. Matt Latrans talks with former player and coach Brock "The Crock" Thiessen.

Commision by Christaphorac

Kiss My Ass And Call Me Beautiful

The ugliest otter in the FBA: Gary Trainwreck Ridge

Drawn for the by Pac

Ryan Rottshep

FBA 2013 Draft Candidate

Commision by Asterion Blazing