The Lynx’s Den: The Gallery

Iron Zion grew out of a couple characters I created for the Furry Basketball association, but now exist in a continuity of their own.

The band itself is a Klezmer/Folk/Power/NeoClassical metal band that saw some small success, though never got to the point of selling out arenas.

The Iron Zion logo was created by LusoSkav

Drake Whitesmith

The founder of Iron Zion

Commision by LusoSkav

Eleazar Cragg

The Rabbi who moulded the band.

Commision by LusoSkav

Jan and Bouke Doornenbal

The resident nutcase and his keeper.

Commision by LusoSkav

Micah Cragg and Sarai Goldberg

The Guitarist and Clarinetist

Commision by LusoSkav

Eleazar Cragg in Concert

A master performs

Commision by LusoSkav