The Lynx’s Den: The Gallery

Jack Daniels Krowfite

Jack is my fursona, and has been so for many years. Several people have drawn him, for which I am very grateful.

Buddies' Hug

After a hard wrassle, Jack and his friend Clybourne hug

Gift from Brian G.

The Challenge

The first picture of Jack Daniels!

Gift from Evil Twin

Jack Daniels Conbadge

Jack Daniel Krowfite conbadge

Gift from Griffith Brookgreen

Jack Daniels vs. PrettyBoi Wolf

Asskickin' Time!

Gift from Woven-Chimera

Jack Smiling

This is from a card I received

Gift from Brian G.

Long-Tailed Lynx

Eat your vitamins, they'll put a tail on your butt!

Gift from David Hopkins

Muscle Lynx

The Wrasslin' Lynx: Now with extra beef!

Gift from Cobo

Naked Pose

Jack in the nude.

Gift from Brian G.

Posing For The Crowd

The Wrasslin' Lynx Arrives

Gift from Brian G.


What am I watching? You don't want to know.

Gift from Alexis Rasimowicz

Steel Chair

The Wrasslin' Lynx with a steel chair!

Gift from Cobo


Jack looking pensive

Gift from Allison Bell

We Three Kings Of Orient Are

Jack and his buddies dressed up as Japanese video game characters.

Gift from Griffith Brookgreen