The Lynx’s Den: The Gallery


While these aren't really artwork per se, I'm still including them here. These are photographs of me that show off my rather varied interests.

Merkur And Other Construction Sets

I call myself a Meccanoman, even though I've rarely worked with Meccano. Instead, I've worked mostly with Merkur, a set from the Czech Republic, along with other sets, some oddball, some mainstream.

And some utter crap.

Me With My Models

This was taken at the DeVry Art Show back in... I think 2006. I entered my three Merkur models. Here, I pose with my exhibit.

Merkur Models at the DeVry Art Show c. 2006

This is my exhibit on its own.

Red Deer 1996 (?)

Me at a show between 1995 and 1997

Red Deer 1999

Me at the Red Deer Hobby Show, March 1999

Music And Me

I am a musician and a collector of musical instruments. So here are some photos of said instruments.

A Tad Larger Than The Ones In School

Me with a Moeck Great Bass Recorder in C

Six Recorders

My Moeck recorder collection


Think Seeing Ceiling is a slice of horseapple pie? Have some photographic proof that I've actually gone through all that.

Me with Saxon Huxley

The first wrestler I managed

Last Day Of Class

I made it! I completed the course at Storm Wrestling Academy!

The Ref Needs Glasses!

My debut as a referee.