The Lynx’s Den: The Gallery

Wild Side Wrestling Federation

Pictures of characters from the Wild Side Wrestling Federation

Dukin' It Out

Enough said.

Gift from Griffith Brookgreen

Insult to Injury

Tauron is such a jerk

Gift from Griffith Brookgreen

Jack Daniels vs. PrettyBoi Wolf

Asskickin' Time!

Gift from Woven-Chimera

Lil' Buddy Bryce

Lil' Buddy Bryce, the manager of popular wrestler DJ Pawsome

Posing For The Crowd

The Wrasslin' Lynx Arrives

Gift from Brian G.

Tarayn And Griffith Meet

Griffith and Tarayn's first meeting did not go well.

Gift from Griffith Brookgreen

This Was Me.

Parondor remembers his past.

Commision by Peter Stoller

Vurmin Vs. Parondor

Me Parondor. You toast.

Commision by Vurmin