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Welcome to the library. Here is where I keep my writings; my novelettes, short stories, essays, and so on. Also, I have some other writings that I will get around to putting up one day. Come back sometime and check them out, you hear?

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Ratings & The Censorship Pandas

Icon Rating Description Explanation
Nyra NR Not Rated No rating has yet been decided.
Gee G General Nothing to worry about. No offensive content whatsoëver.
Pai Gon PG Parental Guidance A little more serious, maybe a fistfight or two, more serious overtones.
Fa Teen 14 14 & Over A lot more serious, more mature themes. These can mean emotional, violence, suggestive themes, and so on. For readers in their teens.
Rebma MA Mature Readers Graphic violence, disturbing scenes, suggestive or sexual situations. Mature readers only.

Amber Panyko created the Censorship Pandas as an attractive way to reveal the rating of a site. A site such as mine has content covering a large spectrum, so I used them to rate each of my stories. I mentioned this to Amber when I met her in Pittsburgh at Anthrocon 2006; she was delighted to discover this heavy use of the pandas.

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