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The Basalt City Chronicles

The Basalt City Chronicles is not a story of The Basalt City, nor even the country of which it is capital (the Empire of Smilodons). Instead, it tells the tale of those who are bound up with it: The Clydesdale Family, whose eldest son was bound for its infamous tournament; Gene Catlow and Robert Tuska, tasked with the repair job of their lives; the Beers Family, who would pave the way for a wave of emigration. Sometimes these lives flow together. Sometimes they collide.

There is never just one story.

The Redemption of Daniel Clydesdale

Groomed to be the heir to the powerful Clydesdale political family, Daniel had other ideas. A newscast about Old Furriston's infamous fighting circuits thrilled the colt's heart, and when his parents objected, Daniel ran away at the tender age of 11.

Three years later, he was found.