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Short Stories

These are short stories I've written over time. Some even predate my presence on the internet.


Original Stories
Stories based entirely on my own imagination
Fan Fiction
Stories based on characters or worlds created by others.
Responses to Artwork
Stories based on specific pieces of artwork
Author, Author
My personal ramblings on being a furry author.
Tales of the FBA
Stories from the Furry Basketball Association.
Tales of the Windschreiener Family
Stories featuring the Windschreiener Family written for roleplaying clubs I was in. These are some of my oldest online works.

Original Stories

Much of what I have written is for my own enjoyment. Some of these I consider depressingly poor and therefore in need of rewrites. But in any case, here are all my original short stories.

Beef In A Bottle

This is a story of a rarity in musclefur fiction: Steroid use. This was recieved very well in the musclefur groups I am a part of. Please. If you know of anyone who is using steroids, or is gonna use steroids, get them help. Even if they don't want it, or don't thank you later, they need help.

Darkest Night

I love twists and turns in stories, I love giving the readers a surprise. On top of that, my sense of humor is somewhat macabre. So here is Darkest Night, a story I wrote for Hallowe'en. Enjoy.

John-David meets Jack Daniel

This is one of my sillier writings. Basically, it was me meeting my fursona. I had fun doing it.

The Land Schooner

This is, I believe, my oldest furry work, written when I was a teenager. I always wanted to make a series of stories in this universe; perhaps one day I will. The universe was (I'm afraid) a Fern Hollow ripoff. Let others blame Disney, I have John Patience to thank for turning me furry.

Heck, I still have my books.

The Old That Is Strong

A short piece that was my first shot at writing Furry Muscle, I am happy at the way this turned out. An old musclefur finds a new fan where it truly counts...

The title, of course, comes from Bilbo Baggin's poem in The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Wolf Hunt

A short story about a guy who hunts a wolf. I'm not against hunting animals, but I am against the idea of hunting animals for the sake of sport.

Fan Fiction

I've based some of my stories in the universes of other writers and artists. Of course, my most extensive one is the Basalt City Chronicles, which is elsewhere, but the short stories are here.

A Date With Trevor

This goofy story was written for Shane Nelson, creator of the webcomic "Shayla the Pink Mouse." I couldn't resist throwing his character Trevor into a ridiculous situation.

Trevor, Katrina, and Shayla are © Shane. Wildwind Dandinson, Wildflower Dandinson, and Dreysanius von Acrutar are © me.

Written for Shane Nelson


I thought the idea of a disabled musclefur was one that begged to be brought to light. No offence to anyone meant, but disabled furs are a very rare subject. The only artist I've seen draw one is Albert Temple (His character, Ernie, cannot walk). Disabled musclefurs are, as far as I have seen, nonexistant. So, I was wondering, why not a musclefur in a wheelchair? This story is the result.

All characters contained within are © Braford, with the exception of Josef, who is © me.

Josef would become a major character of mine, transforming into an aging (but still parapelegic) musclefur and the father-in-law of Dreysanius Acrutar. Here, however, his description is pretty sketchy.

Written for Braford

Meeting Erin Topping

This story was inspired by Erin Topping's website "WTF" which is no longer online. She thought it was quite good. :) Unfortunately, I don't have a site for her, and I've lost all contact. :'(

Written for Erin Topping

Rainy Day Exercises

This tale also appears on Gene Catlow's site, which shows you how much he liked it. When I wrote the story, I didn't know Dodo Modo (who appears in it) was © someone else, so that character is used without permission, I'm afraid.

Written for Gene Catlow

Responses to Artwork

This is a special subset of fan fiction, where the story is based on a specific piece or pieces of artwork. In each case, the piece of artwork is either linked to in the description, or shown in the story.


This was written in response to a comic series drawn by Gene Catlow. The comic is as follows:

Written for Gene Catlow

The Devil Drives Grenada

This story was in response to an art exchange that was taking place on FurAffinity. The order of pictures is thus:

And that's where my story took off, with Jack about to get Gene Catlow drunk. The stories took a different direction, of course, but Gene and CatsWhisker found this an amusing possibility. The actual storyline continued as follows:

And, yes, this is a deliberate pun on "The Devil Wears Prada." "Grenada" is a Ford car that I really did purchase for $1.00.

Written for Gene Catlow


Jesoran Tarnysk, father of Barinsk "Bustfang" Tarnysk, seeks out a new recruit, to continue the ancient tradition of tournament fighting.

Written for Lysozyme

Author, Author

The Author, Author series is a bunch of writings written from the viewpoint of "The Author", which is yours truly. It contains my views on being a Furry Author. Sometimes get kind of depressing, sometimes humourous, probably often boring, but always honest, this is how I think it's like to be an author.

Author, Author 1

This is the first story in a planned series of tales, sort of starring me as The Author. It's not entirely fiction, more like a diary of my life as an author.

Author, Author 2

Some more rambling from me as The Author. Includes some teasing of someone I admire that I call His Felinity, who has reason to think that I am evil.

Tales of the FBA

I've been more or less involved in the Furry Basketball Association from the beginning, and have made a few contributions (some better than others) to it.

These, then, are stories that exist within its continuity.

Interview with Jim Fordson

An interview with an FBA hopeful.

Tales of the Windschreiener Family

Years ago, I belonged to several clubs which were grouped into the Redwall Online Community, or ROC for short. One way to gain rank in these clubs was to write missions; that is, you would choose an objective from a list and write a short story about how you completed that objective.

The stories featured here are the only extant missions from these clubs that I know of that I wrote. Five are written for a club called MoonShadow Island, one for Sampetra: Imperial Army Serving Ublaz.

They all feature a family of evil vampiric wolves known as the Windschreiener family.

I swear this predated the Twilight novels.

The stories are presented here in chronological order. If there seems to be great holes in continuity, recall that these were written for roleplaying clubs; much that went on between the stories is now permanently lost, but these stories did make sense to their original audiences.

King Nightskar , Xean, and Emperor Ublaz are © their players. Emperor Ublaz is based on the character from the book Pearls of Lutra by the late, great Brian Jacques.

So read them and enjoy what are among the oldest examples of my writing available online. I have edited them but little, allowing you to see what my writing was really like when I first began writing in earnest.

Tale 1: DeadBeast Cove

Told By: Loroch Windschreiener

Quest Completed By: Loroch Windschreiener

This is the first mission I wrote for a club called Moonshadow Island. King Nightskar wanted a certain cove, but it was inhabited by a colony of virtuous woodlanders. It was up to Loroch to rectify that problem.

Tale 2: Piracy is a family Affair

Told By: Loroch and Laraida Windschreiener

Quest Completed By: Loroch, Laraida, Rolja, and Shtaragk Windschreiener

This is the second mission I wrote for Moonshadow Island. Encouraged by Loroch's success at the cove, King Nightskar sends Loroch and his family out to investigate a pair of ships sailing there.

Tale 3: Pike!

Told By: Loroch and Laraida Windschreiener

Quest Completed By: Loroch, Laraida, Rolja, and Shtaragk Windschreiener

In the third mission for Moonshadow Island, Eisenzahn has a run-in with a pike

Tale 4: Journey To Fort Darkmist

Told By: Loroch Windschreiener

Quest Completed By: Loroch, Shtaragk, and Eisenzahn Windschreiener

This is the fourth mission I wrote for Moonshadow Island. Loroch and two of his sons return to the abandoned Fort Darkmist.

Incidently, Fort Darkmist was the first ROC club I ever joined. Its leaders, Ursus Pandion and Arctos Aponaphelma, are © their players—wherever they are.

Tale 5: First Drink

Told By: Shtaragk Windschreiener

Quest Completed By: Shtaragk Windschreiener

This is the fifth and last mission I wrote for Moonshadow Island. While on a quest, Shtaragk claims his vampiric heritage.

Ursus Pandion and Arctos Aponaphelma, are © their players.

Tale 6: Infestation

Quest Completed By: Loroch, Rolja, and Shtaragk Windschreiener

This is the first (and ultimately only) mission I wrote for a club called Sampetra: Imperial Navy Serving Ublaz (INSU for short). Loroch, Rolja, and Shtaragk deal with an infestation of lizards.