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Star Wolf

The worst crew imaginable was assembled, using the biggest misfits in the Stellar Navy. They were given the worst clunker in the fleet. Why? Because an Admiral refused to break tradition and give up flying for a desk job. It was a sure-fire plan—that backfired. Follow Admiral Hroljarus Andruvar on his journeys with a crew of losers that has become everything the bureaucracy has dreamed of, as he continues to be a wild card in the increasingly political Stellar Navy.

Star Wolf was intended to be a series, but The Search was the only one ever completed. It was first story I ever actually completed (finished in its entirety back in the Noughties) and it shows. It glosses right over the fight scenes something awful, I obviously knew nothing about hyenas, and the characters aren't developed at all.

I've considered giving this story a rewrite, but I think I'll leave it as is, a record of my earlier writing.


Starwolf, and all characters therein are © John-David Kraaikamp, with the exceptions of Arctos Aponaphelma of the Zeremeth clan and Ursus Atorell Pandion, who are © God-Knows-Who. If you ran a Redwall club called Fort Darkmist back in 2000, I really want to get in touch with you again!