The Lynx’s Den: Links

Adult Furry

Many of the artists and authors I admire are primarily known for their adult works, so I'm placing their links here. Be warned, much of this artwork is not fit for minors to view.

Adult Artists

Borni's Den
A guy who's art is indeed impeccable, set in a fascinating world.
Braford's Gym
Braford's Website on Lavadome Five.
Braford's FurAffinity account.
Another artist with an excellent style.
IceWolf's Gymn
Another friend of mine, from the Furry Muscle group.
A great author and artist.

Adult Comics

Jack, the sin of Wrath, is the Grim Reaper in this dark, touching comic. Its author, David Hopkins, was kind enough to give me some gift art. :-)

Adult Flash

The Tail Underground
The Tail Underground, a great flash project by Ian R. Soulfox!