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General Furry

Anthropomorphic, furry, Furre, you name it, it's me. They don't call me The Wrasslin' Lynx for nothing. I've been interested in Furry for many years, I've written Furry since 1990 (I didn't even know what Furry WAS), and I've role-played it since 2000. Here are a bunch of my favorite furry sites.


Alexis Rasimowicz
Alexis did a wonderful picture of The Wrasslin' Lynx, which has served as my avatar for years.
A good, long-time buddy of mine.
Jiffry Hendrix
An old friend of mine from the Redwall Online Community.
Good Artist, with a very nice style.
Great artist, who didn't mind me basing a story on one of his pics! Thank you!
Mab's Land
Amber M. Panyko is a wonderfully cute artist, and the one who created the Censor Pandas.
Another good buddy of mine, who drew Jack beating up PrettyBoi Wolf


Eddie Widdows
The Foxwood Studios, webpage of Furry author and artist Eddie Widdows. He drew me my first request, that of Bustfang Tarnysk (Redwall Online Community version), and did a bang-up job of him. Thank you very much, Eddie! Also, his story The Foxwood Chronicles is an inventive and entertaining tale (tail?) of a young kid about to become a hero. Go on over and read it!


Coach Random
A comic about college life drawn by Scott Ruhl. I am the one who did the website for him.
Gene Catlow
Albert Temple draws a kick-ass comic strip, which breaks the bounds of having to be humourous. To those that say, comics can't deal with serious issues, I say, Read Gene Catlow. By the way, Mr. Temple, sorry if I kinda stole your graphic, but it was the closest thing to a banner I could find!
The Belfry WebComics Index
A massive index of webcomics (most of them furry)

Other Furry Sites

An online roleplaying game I play in.
Furry Basketball Association
The Furry Basketball Association Wiki.
A massive online furry art gallery.
Another online furry art gallery.