The Lynx’s Den: Links


Yes, I visit some non-furry sites. And I've decided to list them here, in a seperate section, for your perusal. Some are informational, some are just for fun, and some I found interesting.

Website Coding And Design

The Webdeveloper Forums
Very good help forum for website builders and the birthplace of Website Creation In Plain English
Webpages That Suck
A website that showcases how not to create a website.
World Wide Web Consortium
In short, the ones who codified CSS and HTML.
Lissa Explains It All
A website tutorial I used a lot when I was first starting out creating websites.


Storm Wrestling Academy
Yes, I did train here, first as a wrestler, then as a ref.
Prairie Wrestling Alliance
The home of Gentleman John Lynx

Other Sites

Luciferous Logolepsy
A dictionary of obscure English words, which comes in very helpful for an author like me.
The construction set I grew up with.
A humour site.
Urban Legends Reference pages
Urban Legends: true, unverifiable, ambiguous, or just plain ridiculously false; it's all enjoyable.