The Lynx’s Den: Thank Yous

There are people who have been friends to me, have given me support, advice, or inspiration. I owe these people everything I am.

Real Life Friends

Guys I have met face-to-face and am so glad I have.

Robert Walker
Friends for more than 10 years. Words will never be enough, Old Man.
Jason Drever
The epitome of an interesting man.
Suzy Sauer
Been a long time since I' seen you, but I still think of you.
Brian Gelfand
A great man, and a lot of fun to wrestle with. Met him online, (after giving me my first fan email), and then met him at AC!
Ron Kettler
Another good friend of mine, whith a great imagination at RPing.

Online Friends

These are people that I' met online, and figured they were cool. Some of them have given me a lot of advice, encouragement, and put up with a lot.

Luke Hansen
Dubbed me Mr. Initial Man
Wade Willems-Kramer
You rock, otterbro. You just do.
*Snugs.* Thanks for the pictures
Tara Manini
Not only has she been a great friend, but also has given me advice about character creation.
Alexis Rasimowicz
A long time friend of mine, who drew a LOVELY picture of me.
A wonderful friend from Australia!
I' known her for as long as I' been roleplaying.


Barclay Johnsen
A wonderful gentleman, who has taught me a lot about etiquette online.
Phil "Wolfie Fox" Sykes
Told me to get off my ass and fix my HTML. Which, of course, made me what I am today.
Also helped me a lot, mostly with CSS.
Where would my page be without you? I shudder to think.
From the Webdeveloper forum, came a guy who figured out how to fix my CSS so that it would work!
Jonathan "Jona" Fenocchi
For his help on many aspects of this site.


Katie Sullivan
I owe it all to you, Katie. You turned me onto Furry Roleplaying, and it all went from there.
Wonderful stories.
Another author I admire.
Gene Catlow
The creator of the comic strip of the same name, and was most receptive to the stories I wrote him.
Gene Catlow's lady cat, and another who has encouraged me in my writing.
Eddie Widdows
I love the story he wrote, and drew a lovely picture of Bustfang Tarnysk.

People I Miss

People I once knew that I long to know again.